My. Name. Is. Débora. Lobo. 
But fell free to call me Deb, Wolf, Debs or the insane copywriter addicted to "full stops".

I'm a copywriter from Rio de Janeiro, based in São Paulo. I’m currently working  at Mutato/ JWT. I am part of the Avon & Itaú teams and so far it has been a really important experience to me. All the projects I‘ve done in my professional life explains why I’m so crazy about advertising: the chance to be relevant for people and to transform the world making it an entertaining place makes me happy and fulfilled.

Nice to meet you as well. 


> Mutato - JWT | Artplan | Agência AMO | Ogilvy
> Advertising & Marketing, ESPM.
> Creative Copywriting, Miami Ad School.

> debora.lobs@gmail.com
> +55 (21) 991859081